CD1-MR1 2017

Welcome to the website for the 10th International CD1-MR1 Workshop.

CD1 and MR1 are antigen presenting molecules that present lipid and metabolite-based antigens for αβ and γδ T-cell surveillance.  This meeting will focus on the biology of CD1 and MR1, and the T-cells that respond to antigens presented by these molecules. Over the last few years, the field has progressed markedly, with the identification of new lymphocyte populations, new antigens, and a greater appreciation of the role that these components play in the immune system. The meeting explored the basic mechanisms of T-cell activation by these unusual antigens, the development and function of the cells involved, and how such information can be ultimately harnessed for therapeutic benefit. 

The meeting will be held in Napa, California from Nov 3rd to Nov 7th, 2017.

We expect an outstanding array of international and national speakers, and plan to provide multiple types of opportunities for early career researchers to present their work. 

Jenny Gumperz University of Wisconsin 
Mitchell Kronenberg La Jolla Institute 
Luc Teyton 
The Scripps Research Institute

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